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I stumbled upon a personal finance blog recently, entitled Mr Money Mustache. I read an article or two and that was pretty much all it took to get me hooked. Mr. Money Mustache, along with the entire Mustache Family’s experiences with frugality and intense but entertaining lifestyle choices are documented in this blog that incorporates a fair amount of colorful language, wonderful vernacular and a serious amount of wisdom.

One of the best things on this site is the ‘Random Article’ tab, where as it so happens, I spent much of my day today. Click it and one of 300+ articles will pop up and fill your face with fiscal advice and anecdotes. The articles are filled with brutal honesty and in-your-face bluntness which I find very appealing.

I have always been a proponent and staunch advocate of making money over saving money to cure financial woes, but Mr. Money Mustache is helping me see the flip side of this duality through his dealings with cutting expenses to bare minimums. I am excited to begin incorporating many of the decisions made by MMM in to my own life to begin reaping instant rewards.

A good portion of this blog covers cutting expenses and saving and investing as much as humanly possible and retiring early. Very early. It’s talked about because that’s exactly what Mr. Money Mustache did. That is Badassity.

Get over the absurdity of the name, find the humor in it and click on the link above, it’ll be worth your while. It’s inspiring, motivating and downright entertaining to read and I HIGHLY recommend stopping by for a whirl of this fantastic site. Let me know what you think!

One thought on “Review: Mr. Money Mustache

  1. Bengoziak

    Very insightful advice my good fellow.

    If there is one thing I have learned in life, it is something I call “The Bruce Lee Methodology”.

    Bruce lee didn’t buy that one martial art (read: religion, system, or get asian on it and call it “Tao”) was all encompassing and as such there was a need for a melting pot.
    He would travel from master, to master, to master and trade martial arts knowledge, and train and train and put it into practice.
    The result was that he came up with his own philosophy “Jeet Kun Do” (translated: The way of the intercepting fist). This philosophy brought him to a level of greatness that few can hold a candle to.

    In the world of finance it is the same way (finance, religion, or any other ‘system’ of living). It is essential to provide oneself with limitations, but it is also important to measure those limitations deliberately; as deliberately as you would measure liquid nitrogen.

    There is a need in finances to save, to spend, to make more and to say ‘fuck it’. No ‘one way’ will suffice.

    So I say ‘Bravo’ to the concept of knowing when to save, and when it is simply time to earn money.
    The next answer to the un-asked question is… ‘How do I make more money?”

    The answers?
    * Come up with a great idea and sell it (american dream)
    * Take on more hours
    * Get a second, third, fourth job
    * Sell your stuff
    * Invest more money
    * Cut expenses (reduce outgoing money)

    Or my personal favorite:
    * Become more valuable

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